WATCH: Pierre Poilievre brags about paying for his secret vacation out of pocket. Trudeau cleared by Ethics Commissioner

Jason Pugh Jan 30, 2024

So, Conservatives finally got the Interim Ethics Commissioner, Von Finckenstein, to appear before the House of Commons ethics committee. He confirmed what we’ve all known all along. The Prime Minister didn’t violate any rules by staying at a friend’s for his Christmas vacation.

Trudeau’s holiday travel didn’t break the rules, ethics commissioner tells MPs

“What we have here is clearly a generous gift but it is between people who are friends and I don’t see why, just because they are well off, they can’t exchange gifts,” he said.

Von Finckenstein said Green has been Trudeau’s guest at the prime minister’s official residence at Harrington Lake. Conservative MP Michael Barrett pointed out that this residence is paid for by taxpayers.

What is CPC MP Michael Barrett saying here exactly? That the Prime Minister isn’t allowed to have friends stay over for a visit? Does that same rule apply to Pierre Poilievre, who currently occupies the nineteen-room mansion, Stornoway?

Of course, it was obvious to everyone that this was just another cooked-up scandal by Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party of Canada.

Conservatives are, once again, losing (or at least pretending to) their minds over another cooked-up “scandal.”

Conservatives were, predictably, outraged and continued asking about the trip during today’s Question Period.

Pierre started off by asking about the carbon footprint of the PM’s trip. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland responded.


“Mr. Speaker, since we’re asking questions of MPs, I have a couple of questions for the leader of the opposition. I want to know How much heating the nineteen-room government mansion that he lives in costs? That would be interesting for Canadians to understand.”


That led to this:

In one breath, Pierre Poilievre will say that he’s standing up for those who are struggling and have to choose between “heating and eating,” in the next breath, he brags about paying for his secret vacations.

Which begs the question:



Jason Pugh

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