WATCH: Pierre Poilievre has his ass handed to him during Question Period by Liberal Minister Sean Fraser

Jason Pugh Apr 16, 2024

Today during Question Period, the leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Pierre “Jeffery” Poilievre, had his ass handed to him by the Liberal Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities, Sean Fraser.

But first, I want to show you what Poilievre tweeted yesterday.

He and all Con MPs use their parliamentary privilege to spew whatever they want in the House of Commons and then edit clips to blast out on social media.

He tweeted this heavily edited video from yesterday’s QP:

Previously, Poilievre would post a video clip that started with him asking a question, then showed an answer from the Prime Minister or another LPC MP, and then ended after showing his next question, cutting off the response to give the impression that he had the last word.

Many of you remember that ThunderBayEd often called PP out on this on Twitter before he was banned.

Here’s an example of the old technique that I called him out on:

See the difference between the first video I posted from yesterday and this one?

More recently, the crack team at PP’s office has started editing multiple clips together, like the one above.

So, yesterday, I responded to PP with a couple of tweets.

First this:

Followed by this:

Hehe. Fraser really got under Poilievre’s skin there, eh? That’s why PP had to lash out.

That leads us up to today’s QP.

@RonChrist1954 tweeted this to me.

What was Ron referring to?



Pierre Poilievre has his ass handed to him by Liberal Minister Sean Fraswer

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“Mr. Speaker. I can forgive the opposition leader for being a career politician who’s been on the public dime for a couple of decades but if he wants to represent the interests of the working class he should talk to a person who has a real job.”

*Chef’s kiss*


Jason Pugh

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