WATCH: Pierre Poilievre has meltdown live on TV, claiming there is “no new trade deal” after voting against the new Canada-Ukraine deal

Jason Pugh Feb 7, 2024

Earlier today, Pierre Poilievre had a media scrum on his way into the Wednesday Conservative caucus meeting.

He first gave his usual stump speech before taking questions.

Here’s the link to the full video on CPAC:

Pierre Poilievre Press Conference Full Video

After his speech, he took questions.

This is what he had to say about puberty blockers for trans youth:

“I think we should protect children. Let them make adult decisions when they become adults.”

Of course, he then had to go into a tirade to somehow make this about Justin Trudeau and the cost of housing.

But then, at about the 11:44 mark on the video, Pierre Poilievre goes entirely off the rails.


He claimed there was no new Canada-Ukraine trade deal the day after he voted against the new Canada-Ukraine trade deal.

Then he attacked reporters and finished off by going full-on Trump by saying, “When I’m Prime Minister, you will be SHOCKED at the speed with which I will axe the tax.”

It’s nice to see members of Canadian media pushing back. It’s obvious that Pierre Poilievre wasn’t prepared for that. Great job!!!

As I said yesterday, Pierre Poilievre has shifted Maple MAGA into high gear.



Jason Pugh

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