WATCH: Pierre Poilievre REFUSES to answer questions about puberty blockers

Jason Pugh Feb 8, 2024

Today, Pierre Poilievre was in Vancouver, British Columbia to announce support for First Nations Resource Charge.

Poilievre to endorse First Nations proposal for greater control over resource revenues

You can watch the full video here:

After the event, Pierre Poilievre took five questions from members of the media: five questions, no follow-ups. The last question was from somebody who works for Post Mellinnial.

That started here:

The first question about puberty blockers was from a reporter from CBC-Radio Canada.


The very next question was from another reporter who didn’t identify himself:

“Will you enact a ban on hormone or puberty blockers for minors after your own convention, your party’s convention, endorsed such a policy?” – Reporter

“I answered that question yesterday, so I invite you to look at that answer.” – Pierre Poilievre

The reporter did try to ask a follow-up question. Saying what sounded like, “So you’re not going to answer it today?” but Pierre’s staff cut him off and moved on to the next, final question, which was from his friends at Post Millennial.


Jason Pugh

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