WATCH: Pierre Poilievre says kids are begging Santa for food mere hours before voting against a national framework to establish a school food program – Skips work today and heads to $1700/person fundraiser while his MPs work late

Jason Pugh Dec 7, 2023

During yesterday’s Question Period, the Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Pierre “Jeff” Poilievre, said this:

“We have stories of children who are writing letters to Santa Claus not to ask for presents but to ask for food.” – Pierre Poilievre

Wow. According to Poilievre, children are writing letters to Santa asking for food instead of toys. Tragic.

Well, what great timing! On that same day, there was a vote on an act to develop a national framework to establish a school food program.

BILL C-322 An Act to develop a national framework to establish a school food program

Perfect! Poilievre and ALL Members of Parliament can come to their rescue!

Except, of course, Poilievre and his merry band of ghouls of the CPC voted AGAINST the bill.

Well. If there’s one surefire way of getting on Santa’s naughty list, I’d say voting to let children starve so that you can stick it to your political opponents would be it.

Then came the desperate, lame excuses to justify LETTING CHILDREN STARVE.

From PROUD Christian CPC MP Garnet Genuis:

#WWJD – amirite?

Nestor (@anothercoolelk) had the perfect response:

Then there was this post from Jenniffer Elle:

Obstruction and “LOL OWNING THE LIBS” is more important to Conservatives than feeding children. #Priorities

Diane Ellison (@DianeEllison) posted this about the lame excuses:

Plus, this happened:

Is that why Pierre was a no-show in the House of Commons today?

Then, here’s the kicker. Tonight, while his MPs are forced to work late to vote/obstruct/filibuster and delay, Poilievre will be at a fancy $1700/person fundraiser!

“Unless, of course, you’re one of their rich friends. Probably somebody going to the seventeen hundred dollar um, ah, fundraiser per person that the leader of the opposition will be at tonight while all of his MPs have to be in here voting. Those are the people that they’re actually talking to, the people that they’re actually catering to, Madam Speaker.” – Mark Gerretsen

If I had to fork out SEVENTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS to meet Pierre Poilievre, I sure as hell would hope they’d be serving something fancy like, oh I don’t know, lobster rolls!


Jason Pugh

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