WATCH: Pierre Poilievre shifts Maple MAGA into high gear by voting against Canada-Ukraine Trade Agreement

Jason Pugh Feb 6, 2024

Earlier today, Tucker Carlson released a Russian propaganda video posted to ‘X’ by Elon Musk.

    (I’m not linking to that here)

This just after he visited Alberta, where he shared a stage with Danielle Smith:

Read more here:

Two Weeks After Liberating $2 Million From Alberta, Tucker Carlson Is Getting Paid To Interview Vladimir Putin Tonight!

Since then, Smith released her horrible attack on Trans/2slgbtq+ video.

Yesterday, Pierre Poilievre was asked what he thought of Smith’s proposed legislation, and he responded with this:

Today, Justin Ling asked him about it again:

“And Justin Trudeau has spread hatred against parents. He’s accused Muslim parents of being hateful because they were standing up for their kids. He’s attacked Christian parents. He’s suggested that parents cannot be trusted with their kids.”

And here’s a reminder of what Pierre Poilievre says behind closed doors:

Plus, this is what the Prime Minister was ACTUALLY saying at the time:

Which leads us up to today’s vote on the Canada-Ukraine Trade Agreement.

Since Pierre Poilievre’s party refused to vote in favour of the deal, claiming it’s because it included non-binding language on carbon pricing, Rebel News happened to drop this “bombshell” just before today’s vote.

    (I’m not linking to Rebel’s site here)

What convenient timing. Somebody obtained the invite’s information through an access to information request.

Well, I have a couple of questions I’d like to ask Ezra Levant.

Who submitted the request? Was it somebody at Rebel or someone doing oppo-research over at the Conservative Party of Canada?

When was the request submitted, and, more importantly, when was the response to the request received?

These are just some questions that crossed my mind, what with all the coincidental timing and all.

Earlier during his presser, and then again during Question Period, Poilievre claimed that the Prime Minister invited the Nazi to the event in Toronto, which is just pure BS. That didn’t stop PP from calling for the Prime Minister to resign:

So someone notice that out of ONE THOUSAND people recommended to be invited to the event that a 98-year-old with no criminal record fought as a Nazi back in World War 2.

Wow. If Pierre Poilievre thinks that the Prime Minister would have had anything to do with that at the time, that means that PP must be a real micro-manager, eh?

Here’s a clip from tonight’s Power and Politics on CBC where David Cochrane asked about the invite before getting to the vote on the Canada-Ukraine deal that Poilievre had just voted against:

And here is the vote.


Jason Pugh

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