WATCH: Prime Minister Trudeau calls out Pierre Poilievre for not having security clearance to read NSICOP report on foreign interference

Jason Pugh Jun 19, 2024

Green Party leader Elizabeth May rose to ask the final question of the final Question Period of this sitting of the HoC.

She asked the Prime Minister if he’d be willing to meet with Members of Parliament with proper security clearance to discuss the NSICOP report on foreign interference over the summer break.

“Is the Prime Minister open to working over the summer with all Members of Parliament with top-secret security clearance, who are willing, in a confidential setting, to work in the hope of determining a shared course of action to reduce the threat of foreign interference?” – Elizabeth May

The Prime Minister responded by saying he believed the public inquiry was the best place to address it and called out the leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Pierre Poilievre, for not having the proper security clearance required to read the report.


“Unfortunately, the leader of the opposition would actually have to get his top-secret security clearance in order to have a top-secret discussion amongst party leaders.” – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Yesterday on CBC’s Power and Politics, host David Cochrane asked former CSIS Director Richard Fadden if he thought Poilievre should read the report.

This was his response:

I just thought I’d remind everyone that China and India have been reported to have interfered in the CPC leadership race.

Pierre’s office responded with:

“CSIS did not advise the Conservative Party of Canada of any intelligence suggesting there was foreign interference in the leadership contest,” said Sarah Fischer, director of communications for the Conservative Party. “This is the first time we have heard about it.”

Which is odd because the CBC’s Fifth Estate reported on the story back in March.

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Jason Pugh

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