WATCH: Public Safety Min LeBlanc says anyone revealing names of MPs/Senators colluding with foreign interests would be subject to criminal investigation, jeopardize international intelligence relations, and put CSIS members at risk

Jason Pugh Jun 10, 2024

Since the NSICOP report on foreign interference was released, Pierre Poilievre and his Conservative MPs have demanded that the government release the names of MPs and Senators who allegedly colluded with foreign interests.

Today, Liberals confirmed that they will support a Bloc Quebecois Motion calling on the foreign interference inquiry to investigate MPs and Senators who “wittingly” worked with foreign interests.

Liberals say foreign meddling inquiry should look into MP allegations

OTTAWA -The Liberals support an effort to expand the scope of the foreign interference inquiry so it can investigate allegations against MPs, Democratic Institutions Minister Dominic LeBlanc said Monday.
He told the House of Commons that government MPs would support a Bloc Quebecois motion that calls on the inquiry to dig into findings by a national security committee that some MPs “wittingly” participated in foreign meddling.

Responding to these demands, the Liberal Minister of Public Safety, Dominic Leblanc had this to say during today’s Question Period:

    (So about an hour ago CPC MP Jasraj Singh posted clip of him showing Minister Leblanc explaining why they can’t just release the names. Thanks, Jasraj.)

Later on, during QP, there was a technical issue that led to the House being suspended for about 45 minutes:

During that time, Minister LeBlanc held a press conference to state that Liberals would support a Bloc Quebecois Motion calling on the foreign interference inquiry to investigate MPs and Senators who “wittingly” worked with foreign interests.

“We’re going to support the motion precisely because we think that the Hogue Commission offers us an appropriate forum whereby the allegations that surfaced in the National Security Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians can be examined.” – Dominic LeBlanc

On releasing the names LeBlanc had this to say:

“That I would be immediately subject to criminal investigation and criminal proceedings. So it’s completely irresponsible to claim that it’s legal and responsible when it comes to the safety and security of those who are working for CSIS.”

“Announcing publicly a whole list of names would put in danger people who are working for CSIS and would ensure that other security services would never share significant intelligence with Canada.”

So the Conservatives are behaving in a completely irresponsible manner. They voted against the creation of the the National Security and Intelligence Committee, and now they’re claiming that simplistic solutions can be had, even though they’re irresponsible.”

Pierre Poilievre knows that the names can’t be released, which is why he is demanding that they be released.

It’s just more theatrics for #CPC fundraising videos and to flood the zone.

If he wants to know the names, why doesn’t he just get the proper security clearance to read the NSICOP report?


Jason Pugh

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