Watch The Full Video Of Conor McGregor F@#%ING Up That Dudes Phone Now

Apr 10, 2019

It’s out. I feel like TMZ. But all I cover is Conor McGregor doing dumb shit. Dean first shared the short clip of Conor stomping on this dudes phone about a month ago. Now you can watch the full video below.

First of all. I don’t really care about this. It doesn’t bother me. Conor has been in the news for some dumb shit recently, but this, I’m ok with it, to be honest. This dude had his phone right in Conor’s face with the worlds craziest flash on. Give the guy some F@#%ING space, will ya?

Rewatch the video. There are like four other dudes all with their cameras out and Conor looks to be happy AF.  At about the 13-second mark, McGregor makes a left and the dude on the right, who’s phone didn’t get F@#%ED up, turns his flash off and takes his phone out of Conor’s face. Whereas the guy on the left puts his phone even further into Conor’s face, and that’s when McGregor smacks the shit out of that phone.

The other thing that I find hilarious are the dudes in the back right. They’re taking their videos, just chilling. They then realize that Conor is F@#%ING up that guy’s phone and are like, oh F@#%. They then slowly put their phones in their pockets because they don’t want any of that smoke. LOL

I get it. He probably shouldn’t have broken the guy’s phone. He definitely could’ve handled himself much better. But the man punches other men in the face for a living. This isn’t your typical, formal thinking guy. He’s a F@#%ING savage. Don’t F@#% with the tiger unless you wanna see the Tiger do some Tiger shit. I know he’s a celebrity, but take your phone out of his face. Don’t be a tool, bro. He had it coming. I stand by it.



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