“We can and we will” Kyle Dubas Delivers As The Maple Leafs Have Signed William Nylander

Shug McSween Dec 1, 2018


Kyle Dubas is a man of his word.

The young stud GM has once again delivered as the Maple Leafs finally received pen to paper from their Swedish berry.

6 year deal at 6.9 AAV.

No, Willy won’t be in the lineup tonight, so don’t let some fake account troll try and fool you.

It may take a few practices before Babs throws Willy into the fire, but when it’s time, expect Bill Ny to line up beside Auston Matthews and Kasperi Kapanen to form potentially one of the most feared lines in the league.

Word is the Blues, Kings, Wild, Flyers and Canucks were making late pushes to acquire/sign Nylander into the final minutes before the deadline.

Kyle Dubas deserves a ton of credit for delivering on his promise. Dubas is off to an amazing start in his Maple Leafs GM tenure with both the Tavares deal and now Willy. The work is not done however as Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews need new deals. We have to think Dubas is an old pro by now, and won’t have any issues locking up both #16 and #34.

Feels like we can all agree, the past few weeks have been somewhat entertaining but mostly annoying.

We look back at some golden material as many have chimed in with their thoughts over the past few weeks:




Don’t ever trust a Blue Jackets fan:


So much hate for Willy over not signing right away, which is completely unwarranted, it’s a business.

Leafs Nation, let’s not forget what Bill Ny is capable of:



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