What if the Plymouth Brethren Cult Was a Person?

Nov 14, 2022

I have been growing frustrated over the past 6 months or so.

I have been covering the stories behind the cult known as the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, an organization steeped in misogyny, abuse, political connections, and the added bonus of members believing the cult’s leader is a living deity.

It’s that last characteristic that bothers me the most.

So I’ve interviewed various ex members of the PBCC, many of whom had been abused at the hands of elders within the cult, and have been listening to CANADALAND’s ‘Ratfucker’ pod series, which I highly recommend, but have yet to see any mainstream coverage of this cult.

So I figured I would help explain why more people should be interested in this organization by pretending the PBCC is an actual person. Let’s call him Bruce, for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Meet Bruce. Bruce lives his life according to strict religious guidelines. Bruce doesn’t let his wife speak unless Bruce gives her permission to do so. Bruce believes a woman’s role in life is to be domesticated. Bruce’s wife cooks, cleans, has babies, and takes care of those babies.

Bruce also gives a massive amount of his money away to a man who lives in Australia.

Bruce has physically and sexually abused young boys and girls. But Bruce has not faced any justice because he is the law onto himself, and would never rat himself out. Bruce is far too important to let his own abuse cause his own downfall.

Bruce has loads of political connections. He often receives boat loads of money from these connections for things he has no business doing. If a person in politics doesn’t give Bruce any money, he will hire investigators to dig dirt on these politicians so he can get his way.

Sometimes politicians are so happy to receive Bruce’s support that they place Bruce in the front row when they deliver their victory speech.

One time, Bruce put investigators on a sitting Prime Minister. No one seemed to care.

If one of Bruce’s followers says something Bruce doesn’t like, Bruce will tell that person to shut up. It’s one of Bruce’s favourite things ever!

Sometimes, people want to leave Bruce’s circle, and when that happens Bruce gets very, very upset. Bruce will spend a lot of time and money hunting down these ex-friends, often using the love those ex friends have for their families as a way of manipulating them into silence.

A few times, when Bruce found out a follower of his was gay, Bruce would find a doctor to give that gay person the same drugs that are sometimes given to convicted pedophiles. Bruce would rather chemically castrate gay people than let them live their lives.

Bruce did the same thing to a friend who confessed to masturbating. Apparently Bruce doesn’t like it when people do things that are totally normal and healthy.

If a person if able to escape Bruce’s clutches, Bruce will make sure that person never speaks to his family ever again. Bruce calls it the Doctrine of Separation, and he uses it over and over again.

I know what you are thinking; Bruce sounds like a peach!

Well, he isn’t a peach. He’s a menace, and a bully, and a liar, and a thief, and an abuser of children, women, and men.

Bruce is the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, and it is about time we ask governments to stop giving in to this cult. If they don’t, they should be viewed as nothing more than accomplices.

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