What’s Better Than 4 Vaccines? 90 VACCINES!

Joe Williamson Apr 7, 2022

BERLIN (AP) — A 60-year-old man allegedly had himself vaccinated against COVID-19 dozens of times in Germany in order to sell forged vaccination cards with real vaccine batch numbers to people not wanting to get vaccinated themselves.

The man from the eastern Germany city of Magdeburg, whose name was not released in line with German privacy rules, is said to have received up to 90 shots against COVID-19 at vaccination centers in the eastern state of Saxony for months until criminal police caught him this month, the German news agency dpa reported Sunday

Do they not have Uber in Germany? There  has to be easier ways to make a living than getting 90 COVID-19 vaccinations to sell legitimate vaccine cards to anti-vaxxers. Maybe a paper route?

Normally, I’d have no problem dunking on anti-vaxxers but I don’t think they are the stupid ones in this situation. Think about it. They found a guy willing to risk his life so that they can continue to risk the lives of themselves and those around them. Also a man walking around with 90 vaccines in his body is only going to further the argument that they don’t really do anything.

Furthermore, unless we talking about pieces of rice or popcorn 90 of anything seems excessive. 90 pens? hoarder! 90 cats? Cat lady! 90 drinks? What are you, Loch?

It was not immediately clear what impact the approximately 90 shots of COVID-19 vaccines, which were from different brands, had on the man’s personal health.

The last part is my favorite part of the conversation, he got 90 shots from different brands so they can’t even just pump a rat with 90 Moderna shots to see what happens. No, they have to find the exact cocktail that this gentlmen used to see what (if anything) will happen. Who knows, maybe they’ll discover 90 is the exact amount needed to get rid of this damn thing. And if it is, sign me up. Fire them into me like I’m a getting a tattoo. 90 jabs in 60 seconds.

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