Why handout tampons in the backcountry?

Mar 10, 2023
DROPPING IN what's in your pack?

This clip will make you want you to know more!

Why would professional snowmobiler Julie-Ann Chapman be giving out tampons to her clients? It’s not what you think!!

Series III of DROPPING in has be finding out What’s in their packs?

Who? Athletes! Guest list below.

Listen now: E.23 Julie-Ann Chapman

Watch E.23 now here

DROPPING IN what's in your pack?

Other guests:
E.24 Robin Van Gyn
E.25 Russell Chai
E.26 Addie Bell
E.27 Justin Lamoureux OLY
E.28 Kaitlyn Weaver OLY
E.29  Aimee Fuller OLY
E.30 Marie-Philip Poulin OLY

E.21 Chris Benchetler
E.22 Erin Hogue

Mercedes Nicoll

After twenty years of dropping into halfpipe competitions, it's time, time for me to drop into something new. I'm picking up a mic, wrangling some guests and DROPPING into my own podcast. Follow or subscribe to DROPPING IN a podcast with Mercedes Nicoll.

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