Why I love my Best Bud, Kate Maxx, even with her clothes on

Mar 25, 2019

As I sit and watch my best friend getting ready for work – I think about contrasts.  She has just got back from a week in Jamaica – tanned everywhere but her who-haw (and only because it’s truly near impossible to get a tan near your asshole)

We are frick and frack – spending days and nights together (stoned) Doing everything from making homemade edibles, to dressing up in costumes for themed fun – you know, “Girls Night” stuff.

Watching her curl her hair effortlessly, put on make-up that looks magazine cover ready in minutes and twisting some joints for the road while wearing sweats.  She is now work-ready.

It’s Saturday night, around 10 pm and in just that basic description, would you think she was an adult entertainer?  Because she is – and one of the best in the business! As a sought out feature dancer touring, and even working as a host at Young Swingers Week in the Adult Entertainment industry – this woman runs her tight sexy ship and has thousands of subscribers begging for more.

Now be honest.  What immediate stereotypes crossed your mind?  Zero offense to be taken by strippers in the industry for whatever you thought because trust – they have heard it and also – in many cases some of your considerations may be true for some.

Like for us all– in any line of work.

The definition of contrast is the state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association.

We swap our opposite words stories without judgment and bonding through shared times and planned moments.   That’s who we are, that’s what we enjoy.

zero contrast right?

BUT -I am a single, church attending momma; raising a child with extra needs; working in corporate environments.  Whilst she is enticing males nude late at night, appealing to a crowd eager for sexual content, influencing to millions of viewers online and in magazines all over the world.


Contrast overload.

I think that in a general crowd, contrast comes from the opposition of accepting what is “strikingly” different” rather than finding common ground and for myself – I try to manifest this with all I that I meet.

If you thought this would be a sexy shares time or wild storytelling about me and my gal – you were wrong…however, tune in on Friday, March 29th for Episode 2 – as she will be speaking on CannaCast UNFILTERED!

Ever grateful for an upbringing to seek the heart in others first – and I am ever grateful for my best friend.



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