Why Not Us? This Video Will Get The Blue Blood Flowing For Game 7

Shug McSween Apr 23, 2019

Why not us?

Why not a team that finished 7th in the entire league (and doesn’t get home ice)? Why not a team that has now won 26 games on the road this year? Why not a team who has the only 20 goal-scoring d-man in the league? Why not the team who has scored more at even strength? Why not a team led by Freddie Andersen and his .925 save %? Why not a team that signed the biggest free agent name in history, who then went on to score almost 50 goals? Why not a team that possesses two of the youngest stars in the league that can take over games in an instance? Why not the team who is led by an all-world Coach who has admittedly learned from his mistakes of not playing his best players more? Why not the team with more secondary scoring? Why not a team that is hungrier for the second round?

Why not the deeper team? Why not the faster team? Why not the stronger team?


Shug McSween

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