Why You Should Download Dangle Dash Right Now!

Joe Williamson Apr 4, 2022

Do you remember Flappy Bird? Everyone was playing it obsessively for about a month until the creator felt guilty about it’s success and had it removed from the App stores. Then a million copycats popped up but they just weren’t the same, and all too often they were plagued by insesent ads. Well if you miss Flappy Bird do I have the game for you! Allow me to introduce Dangle Dash. It’s Canada’s answer to Flappy Bird and it’s pretty addictive.

In a weekly email that Apple sends out the title and logo for “Dangle Dash” got my attention. It was free so I installed it and instantly enjoyed it’s simple and quick gameplay. Then I waited for the ads. The thing about a lot of free games that you might enjoy is that the ads become so intrusive that they make the game unplayable. Yes, there are ads but I would say on average an ad occures after every 3 attempts which is very reasonable and allowed me to play without getting ad rage. It’s also worth noting that there is an option to pay $2.79CDN to play without ads. (I’m considering it because I don’t think this game will be leaving my phone anytime soon)

There are multiple ways to play, from a Campaign mode to a Soccer version which is surely going to be a hit with our recent Men’s Team recently qualifying for the World Cup. There are also things to unlock. In the screenshots below you can see I spent 50 earned coins on a Canada puck. There’s a lot of game here for free and for the patroit in you it’s made by Astro Hound Studios a mobile game company based out of Toronto so you’ll be supporting local.

So if you are in the mood for a solid time killer, do yourself and a fellow Canadian a favour and download Dangle Dash.

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Joe Williamson

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