William Nylander had the best preseason for Toronto

Oct 11, 2022

The Toronto Maple Leafs wrapped up their preseason Saturday night, defeating the Detroit Red Wings 5-1.

Outside of the goaltending situation, there weren’t many questions surrounding the Maple Leafs heading into the 2022/2023 regular season. Based on the team’s performance on Saturday night, the regular season is already a given. The playoff conversation won’t go away until the Leafs finally get out of the first round, but we’ll worry about that in April.

The usual suspects showed up for the Leafs Saturday night. Matthews scored. Marner was all over the ice. Nylander scored a couple of goals. Matt Murray had a solid game. I didn’t like the goal Murray gave up. However, those kinds of goals are going to happen.

I think that William Nylander had the best preseason for Toronto. He also played the most. However, it’s all about taking advantage of your opportunity, and Nylander rocked it.

I know the Toronto Blue Jays collapse Saturday night has opened up old wounds for Leafs fans, but stay positive. The Leafs are going to be a crazy good team.


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