William Nylander’s First Tweet In 3 Months Just Gave Me An Erection

Dec 1, 2018

Welcome back, you golden-haired son-of-a-gun.

Nylander and the Leafs are targeting Thursday in Buffalo against the freakishly good Sabres who’ve won 10 of 11 and I can’t wait.

I don’t expect him to play a ton.  He needs game legs to play 17-22 mins a game and he hasn’t played a legit NHL game since the spring.

A couple of things:

-Don’t ask us what that means for Marner/Matthews.  The same source that gave me JT and Willy LAST NIGHT says Dubas learned a big lesson and wants M & M done before the years out.  And if you need proof we knew last night, here yar.

(Yes, I pussed out last night and you can thank all the web weasels out there slinging bullshit lies and twitter rumors.)

-Nylander’s Dad wasn’t the issue.  The Salary cap/working with Marner and Matthews camp to put the money pieces in place are to blame.  Dubas, Shanny, and Pridham wanted to keep the player and had to find a path that worked for more than Willy and the team.

-Millard nails it again.  One of the implications no one discussed during this bologna: Who wins.  The player winning sets a shitty precedent for owners and they’re probably doing backflips tonight.

All’s well that ends well and this ended VERY well for Leaf Nation.


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