Win Or Lose, The Leaf’s Auston Matthews Got DRAGGED For His Weird Game Day Suit

Apr 23, 2019

I mean, this is over the top, even for the fashion-forward, Leafs forward (YOU LIKE THAT!!!???)

you like dat washington redskins GIF by NFL

To each their own, and I think trendsetter’s rise above the peasants to set that trend but I’m struggling with ‘why Maple Leaf Blue’?

I guess I know why it just seems sort of childlike.  Like when you dress in your teams favorite color to school when they’re in a playoff game.  I guess that’s the charm, really.  He’s still a kid and he’s Auston Fucking Matthews so he can do and wear whatever he wants and it’s cool.  What he wants to wear is a suit woven with the hopes and dreams of all leaf fans because he wants it MORE than you do.

If Matthews is that geeked to get it over in Boston who are we to hand it to him on Twitter.

Auston Matthews has 5 goals in this series so if he wants to wear m magic Yarmulke to a game, he can and you need to shut your dirty mouths about it, OK??!!

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