With all due respect to Lewandowski, Bayern Munich look better without him

Aug 22, 2022

Farmers league or not, there’s no denying Bayern Munich looks like one of the most powerful teams in Europe.  

It would be dishonest of me to try and say that it’s easy to defend the Bundesliga when Bayern Munich have dominated for 15 seasons. However, there is something very different about this Bayern team this year. This could be one of the best Bayern Munich teams I’ve seen in a very long time.

I am going to try and say something without sounding like a jilted lover. When Robert Lewandowski forced his way out of Bayern and onto Barcelona I didn’t know if Bayern could recover. With all due respect to Lewandowski, Bayern Munich look better without him on the team. That’s not meant to be disrespectful to the Polish striker, it’s just the truth.

Lewandowski was a dominant number nine, however that forced all of Bayern’s offence to go through him. The Bayern offence looks much more fluid and goals are being shared by everybody on the field.

I also have no problem admitting that I was one of those people questioning whether or not Julian Nagelsmann was a good manager for Bayern. it turns out he really is good. With Lewandowski now in Spain, Nagelsmann has been able to instill a new offensive system that looks so dominant I don’t know how anybody’s going to stop it. 

It also doesn’t hurt that Bayern‘s board opened up their wallets and signed players like Sadio Mané from Liverpool. Bayern is also relishing in the fact that Jamal Musiala is coming into his own. Marcel Sabitzer has bounced back after struggling to fit in his first season in Bayern, and everything just seems to be going right for the Bavarian Giants.

Winning an 11th straight Bundesliga title is a given. Bayern may have the loftiest expectations they’ve ever had. Bayern’s performance during Champions League will be the benchmark to assess this season. Over the last three weeks Bayern Munich have shown to be a team that should be considered a favourite to be the champions of Europe again.

So whether or not Bayern Munich play in a farmer‘s league, they look up to the task of once again being the best team in Europe.

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