Yes, All Nazis Are Bad And My Timeline Is Full Of Them Today…

Sep 26, 2023

Want a GREAT thread to block chuds? Swipe through the replies to my X/Twitter TL.

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After the Speaker of The House, Anthony Rota, invited a former Nazi SS soldier/Ukrainian vet, Jaroslav Hunka, to Canada’s House of Commons for a sweet standing Ovation at the end of Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit, we exploded with fucking embarrassment. At least, most of us did.

You’d think Mr. Rota would have Googled “Jaroslav Hunka” instead of taking everyone’s word that he was just a Ukrainian vet who fought Russians 75-80 years ago. He wasn’t.


I posted this video to give context and shed some light on HOW Hunka could have possibly been applauded as a hero at the end of a world-beating speech by a Jewish President of Ukraine. There’s context as to why Mr Rota would have invited him and the complicated history Nazis and Ukrainians share. I also reminded you how FUCKED it is we applauded a former SS member regardless of how, why, or the context of OUR time. Hunka has TWO stories—one as a NAZI SS Member during WW2 and one as a Ukrainian fighting the Russian genocide of Ukraine. He chose wrong for whatever reason, so he’s a Nazi and always will be and should be judged that way.

I can tell you that THOUSANDS of Ukrainians were told Germans would liberate them from Russian Oppression. The Germans didn’t. They were Nazis and did what Nazis did with willing or unwilling Ukrainian Nazis. And ALL Nazis are evil.

In the past few days, Poland has asked Canada to extradite Hunka to prosecute him for war crimes. His SS brigade actively took part in the death of Hundreds of Poles during the German/Russian occupation of Poland/Ukraine/Romania. Fuck, let’s go after the rest of them and ship them over to Poland right now. If he helped commit genocide FOR the Nazis, he’s a genocidal Nazi.

History Matters Until It Doesn’t

Some Ukrainians saw Germans as help. Ukraine was occupied by Russian forces who starved millions of Ukrainians to death in 31-33 during Holodomor. With the Holodomor famine, Stalin attempted to wipe out the Ukrainian people to turn Ukraine into a Russian state and almost succeeded by murdering upwards of 10 Million Ukrainians.

Some saw German/Nazi occupation as a way to fight back against the Russians. Some identified with the Nazis and wanted to exterminate Jews. Some were forced into killing their people, and some willingly volunteered. I don’t know where Hunka fits on that Nazi recruitment scale, but it doesn’t matter. He was a Nazi SS member, and All Nazis are BAD.

When I say it doesn’t matter, I mean being a Nazi soldier, ever, for any reason, is awful. It cancels out anything and everything else. It’s like a Russian soldier conscripted to commit genocide in Ukraine. I feel no sympathy for them when they enter the Ukrainian meat grinder. I feel no sympathy for Mr. Hunka or the politicians who thought celebrating him on an international stage was a good idea. Nazis are bad.

Unless They Support The Convoy?

The hot takes from the unvaxxed/convoy/pro-Russia/fuck UKRAINE crowd have been predictable and boring, led by the same dorks who thought J6 and the Convoy were freedom of expression rallies by truckers and Christians.

They think offering context about the “Great Canadian Nazi Ooopsie” is akin to supporting Nazis because they need this so fucking bad right now. Of the 5000 replies, at least half have said, “See how it feels to be called a Nazi.”  Like REAL Nazi apologist/failed lawyer turned YouTuber Viva Frei flipped the script with and edited out of context portion of what I said, insinuating that I’m condoning the murdering of family members — before calling me a Nazi. Normal stuff

Viva is part of a Network that gets paid to push back against democracy for the GOP, the IDU, and conservative interests under the guise of free speech. The same Viva Frei who inspired the dude who shot up an FBI office last year. He’s part of the well-funded Axis against Science toolbox and made a BUNDLE of money advocating for Foreign interests against Canadians over the past two years. There’s the reason this chud moved to Florida and didn’t have to pay for it.

And his condemnation of Nazis is welcome because he stumped for The FluTruxKlan’s right to bring swastikas to the convoy last year as “freedom of expression.”

It’s nice to see he turned it around.

The rest of the pushback we received varied, but very few were Canadian. They all love Bitcoin, MAGA, and common law, and they all think Ukraine is a baby-eating Nazi state and that Putin is justified.

Rinse repeat. It’s the same network of the same morons and their proxies whose only solution to relevance is a misrepresentation of their own racism and hateful ideologies.

Viva, Tim Pool, Charlie Kirk, Bannon, Peterson, Rogan. They attract the same far-right assholes who support the Russian Genocide in Ukraine by calling. Everyone who supports Ukraine is a Nazi warmonger. Russia spends billions for that narrative, BTW. And those jerk-offs either get paid for it or eat it up.


The word NAZI is nothing more than a cudgel for the extremes. But we had one in the HOC getting a standing ovation, and NAZIS ARE BAD. The Speaker of the House FUCKED UP. The Government of Canada FUCKED UP. We’re incompetent. Not Nazi’s. But Russian/IDU/Indian/Chinese/US trolls have a convoy/foreign interference PR game to play with jackwagons and bots leading the way.

Russians are the new Nazis. And Nazi’s are BAD. Until you get that through your MAGA skulls, you might be one too. Elon certainly is, and that explains A LOT.







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