You HAVE To Read Elon Musk’s “Fork In The Road” Email To All Twitter Staff

Nov 16, 2022

Every Twitter employee still left at Twitter got this email from Elon Musk at 12:01 am PST.

According to several Twitter employees, clicking “YES” on this email where “forms. gle” appears by 5 pm means you will be asked to sleep next to your computer at Twitter HQ.

Failure to click “Yes, I’m interested in slave labor” means you get three months’ pay, and you’re GONE. This tactic has a real “Beatings will continue until morale improves” vibe.

Former Twitter employee Eric Frohnoefer describes what it’s like to work for AND be fired by Elon Musk. He’s the dude who was fired on Twitter after correcting Elon’s shit post about how slow Twitter was and why.

Mark my words: Someone is going to hit the kill switch. Every engineer left at Twitter is being told things will get WAY worse before they get better, and refusal to partake in “way worse” means you’re fired. It makes ZERO business sense to treat employees like soldiers on the battlefield in 2022. Especially super soft dotcom dorks who think the sun is their enemy.

Professor Scott Galloway from the Sterns school of business said last week Elon’s twitter might not make it to Christmas because of Elon’s “God Complex.” Scott insinuated we’re watching the undoing of Elon along with Twitter.

Elon has to service a freshly estimated $1.7 BILLION/yr in borrowing costs for his purchase of Twitter. After losing 50% of his ad $ due to “brand safety concerns,” economists forecast 1.5-1.7 billion in revenue this year. Last year Twitter made 2.1 Billion.

Elon has to find a way to come up with a year’s worth of operating costs because every dollar Twitter makes will go to service the debt he incurred to buy the thing.

He has no real capital to run Twitter, and he’s crushing what little human capital he has left while leveraging all his other assets so he can be the big singing dick in the Twitter factory.

Source: “It’s just pure chaos. We’ve never seen anything like this, and it doesn’t feel like the undoing of a site or a company. It feels like the undoing of a person,” Galloway said bluntly. “It’s mania mixed with chaos. It’s hard to imagine where it goes from here.”

Galloway said the general ideas Musk has had since taking over the company in October are not necessarily the problem, it’s how he has implemented them.

“It’s how he’s gone about it, firing people and then asking them to come back, trying to fire them for cause. You know, taking sort of a very happenstance approach to subscription. Even the blue check really didn’t make any sense, and now he’s trying to roll it back to a gray check. It just feels as if it is literally chaos,” he added.

Galloway predicted that Musk’s haphazard actions will result in the site going down.

“I wouldn’t be surprised, Jim, if you see the site go down in the next week, because at some point when you keep disparaging people like this, you know, somebody’s gonna piss in the punch ball here. It’s just this — I’ve never seen anything like this,” he added.

Galloway suggested no one in Musk’s life is able to step in and guide him in a different direction.

I’ll go with Scott Galloway over Elon Musk any day.

I hope Twitter makes it to November 29th. That’s when the NEW/NEW $8 verified badges sale starts. Again.






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