BREAKING: Poilievre defends doing NOTHING about foreign interference b/c China wasn’t helping Cons!

Jason Pugh Mar 6, 2023

In the House of Commons during Question Period, CPC Convoy Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre defended his non-action on stopping foreign interference.

His reason?

Yes. You heard that right.

Pierre Poilievre said that the Conservatives didn’t have to do anything about foreign interference simply because China wasn’t trying to help elect the Conservative party.

So as the Minister of Democratic Institutions, he knew about foreign interference but thought, “Ah, no biggie!”

Just another example of Pierre’s selective outrage!

He doesn’t give a damn about anything other than gaining power. It’s all about keeping the CPC faux-rage du jour machine chugging along! As I said.

Jason Pugh


Jason Pugh

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