Carlos Alcaraz Takes Down Heavy Favourite Novak Djokovic To Win The Wimbledon Title In An Epic Match

Jul 16, 2023

We LOVE a good underdog story, especially at Wimbledon of all places.

The Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz slays the beast and defeats Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final. The match was epic, to say the least.

The peak of the match came when Alcaraz and the Joker participated in an unbelievable 27-minute game where Carlos broke Novak for the second time in the set. 13 deuces? INSANE.

Alcaraz seized the opportunity and took it to the Joker. He ripped 18 winners in the 5th set, and one of those winners broke Novak’s serve for the final time.

A massive upset, congrats to Carlos.

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