Dean: There’s A Major Difference Between “Freedom of The Press” and “Harassment By A Crisis Actor”

Jan 11, 2024

There’s an ongoing conversation about censorship that requires some nuance. You can’t harass people under the “Freedom of The Press” Bullshit.

Someone tell David Menzies. And EVERYONE ELSE.

People often hear about “Freedom of the Press” and how it’s a fundamental element of democracy. Which it should be. In an ideal world, an unbiased “press” delivers impartial information to the people it says it serves – but that’s never been the case.

For the past 200 years, we’ve held out the idea that “media” was this sacred cow. Like the church or a judge – never to be fucked with. We wrote slander and libel laws to ensure the “press” was accountable for their narratives, but we used to move aside when a reporter showed up at a crime scene – almost as crucial as a paramedic or a cop. We respected the institution of journalism. No one knew politicians and business elites were behind the scenes curating relationships with the press. We just accepted that the laws around misrepresentation meant that it was factual if they wrote or said it.

But we didn’t know how up each other’s asses the ruling class was with the media until about 25 years ago when the internet became a ‘thing.’ Now we do. And you can blame the web.

Love it or hate it, the internet and social media have changed the media landscape. Information is accessible online. Some programs allow us to read subscription websites. Every central SM app has an immediate news feed. No fact-checking. No legal dept. In a matter of seconds, anyone can post anything as information as a “news” org if they have a great logo and know how to do sweet thumbnails, including the information on who knows who, who owns what, and the epistemology behind every newsmaker and story from proper context to metadata of a video or picture.

Values Are A Marker

I love the idea that anyone can start a media company, but not everyone who starts one has the good intentions or “values” we once thought were the framework of a media outlet. Justice is the central value. Oxford defines justice as “the quality of being just, impartial, or fair. FAIR CAN ONLY EXIST WHEN THERE IS “GOOD FAITH,” and “good faith” is not part of the value system of these third-party lobby agencies. They get paid to create content in lousy faith by what they pretend to be in the face of who pays them. 

Rebel News, True North, Canada Proud, and Western Standard like to tell you they are “media” or news outlets. Their websites look newsy. They deliver information (paid for by conservative interests) as if what they do is newsworthy; however, they obfuscate and torque stories around everything from yearly financials to vendor and partner relationships to the actual information they produce. They shy away from talking about who their exclusive partners are in interviews. They create crisis content to misrepresent and, in some cases, make up false narratives that don’t exist at the behest and direction of the lobby groups and political parties that pay for their services while calling themselves “news” outlets despite maintaining they are not whenever they get sued.

They accept MAJOR donations from other conservative lobby groups and donors AS WELL (in some cases) as exclusive contracts with political parties, PR companies, and other vendors friendly to the interests and relationships they serve. In traditional media, they hide these relationships and sprinkle in a few unbiased stories to cover the tracks of their intersectional bias. CP, TN, and Rebel go a step further – they attack people when they bring up their bias or give context as to where their funding comes from.

Sometimes, they’ll even sue you.

How Can Lobby Groups Lie About Who They Are And Their Relationships With Politicians

Great question.

Just over a decade ago, then PM Stephen Harper knew something we didn’t when he opened the door to foreign ownership of media entities in Canada. The National Post was sharply sold to friends of NP founder and convicted felon Conrad Black. Harper knew there was no way to radicalize Canadians other than with a trusted source. Through consolidations and bankruptcies, Post Media (the new National Post owner of Chatham Asset Management in New Jersey) purchased the Sun Media empire. Working at Sun Media at that time? A LOT of bad actors now own these lobby groups who call themselves “News Media.”

Ezra Levant (Founder of Rebel News)

Jeff Ballingall (Founder of Mobilize Media, Canada Proud)

Gavin McInnes (founder of The Proud Boys)

Candice Malcolm (True North)

Kory Tenyke (Doug Ford/Pierre Polievre Campaign Manager)

Now I know A LOT about Mr Teneyke. But that’s someone else’s expose. But Kory is the hub and responsible for hiring every one of these purveyors of Conservative/#MapleMAGA fake news outlets at The Sun/Post Media. When Sun Media/TV failed MISERABLY, Ezra, Jeff, Candice, and Gavin spread out and decided to build a wall of fake news outlets.

THE GOAL? To act as a radicalizing funnel of poorly educated religious conservatives into a donation/grifting empire for themselves that created biased bullshit for the parties and interests willing to pay for it. To create an alternative reality by weaponizing half-truths and lies while organizing convoys, raising funds around crisis content built on a fake narrative.

Menzies/Rebel News Arrest Checked All The Boxes

There’s one word that separates MSM from Fake News, IMO.


Crisis Actor David Menzies’s arrest (and subsequent release) after clearly harassing the deputy PM of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, two days ago should be the example journalism schools use to teach first-year students about the difference between real media and fake news. And when that phony news outlet uses “freedom of the press” or “freedom of speech” to justify their harassment, they’re full of shit.

Video: Rebel “News” video of fake reporter David Menzies’ arrest is just part of Ezra Levant/Conservative party’s business plan to scam hillbillies/damage Canada’s reputation on the world stage

Rebel News, Canada Proud, and True North have harassed people to get a reaction to fundraise/create false narratives for years. Former Rebel News employee Caolan Robertson explained the grift to us in a podcast this year. He also let the cat out of the bag on CNN. They don’t do news. They start fights on behalf of paying political entities around the world, then fundraise off of the fake news they create while their political clients use that footage to lie to their radicalized base.

You know, false flag content.

These fake news orgs feed their clients TERABYTES of bullshit videos from fights they foment and start to be used in campaign videos and ad campaigns to make the country, people, and culture in question look like tyrannical dictatorships won by the woke mob—gender studies, the War on Christmas, or Vaccines during a pandemic. They live to harass human beings into a response they can use to further a narrative or create one that doesn’t exist to do three things:

  1. solicit donations
  2. help their clients solicit donations
  3. destroy reputations

They are psyop organizations dressed up like news outlets who exist to harass you to hate, donate, and vote while harassing their opponents into bad-faith conversations and narratives. No story on Rebel “News” exists without a victim or culture victim fundraising element. The ones that make BIG cheddar are the ones where David Menzies and other crisis actors harass people at events to the point where they are arrested or thrown out/banned. They then decry censorship (that was always the plan) and beg you for bail money while labeling Canada as an authoritarian country without a free press, forgetting about the harassment piece because they know dumb people can’t reason.

Harassment Of Your Critics Is Another Sign

Generally speaking, real MSM outlets allow readers and users to challenge the legitimacy of their work.

Ezra Levant is currently embroiled in over a half dozen lawsuits of his critics.

Ontario/Canada Proud routinely threatens or sues theirs (according to me and this Canadian piece that comes with a bazillion receipts).

Ontario Proud Frequently Threatens Online Critics With Legal Action

Harassment is a crucial strategy for fake news outlets. Hiding Harassment behind the “Freedom of the Press” bullshit is the key. They harass people into a response for content, and any assertion to the opposite gets harassed into silence. Publicly or legally and sometimes privately. My dad used to say, “Those with something to hide will do anything they can to prevent you from asking questions.” Harassment works, and fake news outlets use it like a fucking sledgehammer.

They use it to create narratives that don’t exist and to prevent you from identifying who they make their content for. It’s not only the difference between real news outlets and those owned by politicians and their partners; it’s the marker you need to look for when deciding whether to donate or support that outlet with your hard-earned money.

When Canada Proud sued us for suggesting they do this, we set up a GoFundMe. We’ve never done it before. It’s not a core vertical, and it’s not something I like doing. I felt like it put us on par with them. Then I remembered we’re not full of shit, we don’t work for any political parties, and my name isn’t Ezra or Jeff. I also decided to change the direction of Crier as a result. To service the epidemic of fake news from bought and paid-for lobby groups pretending to be news outlets.

We aim to raise 50k and routinely post the amount raised transparently (unlike Rebel, CP, etc.). Depending on how this lawsuit and counterclaim go, we’re funding the buildout of a comprehensive fact-finding tool that gives Canadians the upper hand on disinformation so YOU can control your narrative. Your support is the start of making fake news outlets and their paid partners accountable to the end user.

You can help us make a difference by clicking the GoFundMe link below.  THANK YOU!


Dean Blundell

Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

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