We deserve inquiry, but it won’t show EA misuse

Oct 18, 2022

While the Emergencies Act inquiry continues in Ottawa, social media is rife with bots and trolls. They make hashtags trend, like #EmergenciesActInquiry, or antiquated terms like ‘War Measures Act,’ which hasn’t been law in Canada for close to 40 years.

Their goal is farming fake anger over a necessary step in the democratic process (oversight like this inquiry is built into the mechanics of the bill). This fake anger, devoid of facts, is being farmed in tandem with the Conservative Party and their embedded video hashtags targetting lonely incels – the exact type of Canadian most always inclined to dislike a tall, wealthy, powerful man who gets a certain kind of attention from a lot of women. The problem is, the inquiry, though necessary, is unlikely to show misuse, or satisfy anyone looking to punish the government even if it does.

It’s amazing that anyone could think they’re part of a peaceful movement when their solution to terrorized residents is telling them they should probably move, even though the protest very clearly left Parliament Hill and took up space in residential areas, honking all hours of the night. That’s legitimately fascism – it says ‘You don’t like what illegal things I’m doing? Guess you should just fuck off, then.’

The Conservative Party is OBSESSED with Justin Trudeau, and has turned supporters of their party into a mob of deranged loons toothlessly screaming ‘FUCK TRUDEAU!’ at honking trucks, believing they had any right to try to replace government with a coalition of their choosing just because they occupied the streets around Parliament Hill and terrorized Ottawa residents for weeks. And their online mob has avoided fact or reason to spread lies about the peaceful nature of the convoy. Even Convoyers themselves have spoken out about the insidious funding and operation of Convoy-adjacent scams like the purchase of a church in Ottawa’s ByWard Market.


But we sit here and act like any of the political parties in power in Ottawa are actually on our side – the Conservatives let the very same people they supported (until their arrests) fry in Ottawa jail cells, trying to distance themselves from the obvious mischief, disturbance, and incitement of chaos that landed their supporters behind bars.

We keep electing parties hoping parties remember we’re people, not votes, but parties don’t know how to do that and have never needed to try. The thing is, these inquiries largely land on the side of government and rarely mete out any form of punishment even when they don’t.

Don’t believe the type. Or the online memes. Or the hashtags. This EA will finish and Trudeau will still be the PM. Poilievre will still lead the Official Opposition. And we’ll still be an afterthought to them both, unless or until they need our votes.

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