Far Right Canadian Leader, Pierre Poilievre, Publicly Begging Elon Musk To Help Him Become PM Is A Whole Mood

Apr 12, 2023

Canadian far-right conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is Canada’s Skinny Trump.

Same playbook. Tell everyone what they should be afraid of and how you’re the only one who can save them from his fake narrative about how much our country sucks, dog-whistling to old-stock Canadians about reclaiming their white birthright, blah blah blah blah. Then, beg for help because you’re a fucking moron.

One of the Trump drums #PeePee bangs is the “Every media outlet that reports honestly bout me is state-affiliated” drum, and he’s not wrong. Canada’s mainstream traditional media outlets (Bell, Rogers, Torstar, Postmedia, Stingray, Corus, ETC) get hundreds of millions in BDU $ and payroll/advertising subsidies a year.  As I said, he’s not wrong, but he is selectively disingenuous and a duplicitous opportunist engaging in foreign interference.

Here’s the deal

CBC, Canada’s state-owned and operated broadcaster, is one of the more unbiased outlets in the country and usually serves at the pleasure of the sitting government.  Pierre knows this, so even if PeePee becomes premier, he’ll never “defund the CBC” because if he wins, they’ll also serve at the pleasure of his government.

That’s why his “letter” begging Elon Musk to label the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as “state-funded” is nothing more than a far-right conservative leader from Canada begging a far-right tech mogul for help makes me laugh my ass off. Begging Elon Musk for election help is fucking embarrassing, which I also love. It’s completely disingenuous and weak that it’s VERY on-brand for the ferrety little fucker. CBC operates apart from the government as a separate entity and serves taxpayers, unlike Bell or Postmedia, who serve their Conservative friends, and US hedge fund owners who LOVE them some Skippy


This is the J school equivalent of challenging someone to a fight and begging for intervention before you throw hands. The ultimate pussy move in the world of men.

That’s right. Far Right Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is BEGGING for foreign interference in our election (he’s been campaigning for over a year) from a foreign actor who calls Canada “a dictatorship” and likens Trudeau to Hitler.

I could have sworn Pierre Poilievere was railing against foreign interference in Canadian sovereignty last week. Still, he’s begging a guy who talks to Putin for help getting elected by basing another Canadian institution. They did it to CSIS and the RCMP. They tried to coordinate a coup during the convoy. They live to destroy anything for their benefit, including the security of Canadians. And they all think they are doing it for Jesus. Just ask Andrew Scheer and Stephen Harper.

The best part about Canada’s Far Right Conservative Party begging Elon Musk to help them?  They need it and know they need it. They need Elon to help them manufacture hatred and a fake reality that somehow, someway, agnostic Canada is embracing far-right theocracy under the guise of free speech.

PeePee will denigrate anyone or anything if it helps gin up his far-white, Jesus-freaked base who get their news from BrightLight, Christian Facebook, Fox News, and Rebel (who Andrew Scheer called “Real News” last week).  Pierre and the far-right Jesus freak party are going flat out in creating a Metaverse of theocratic rage-baiting, begging Elon Musk to slap a (StateFunded) tag on CBC’s bio. He failed to mention the 120+ million bribe his friends at Postmedia/Globe and Mail get yearly from the Canadian government(s) that his old boss, Stephen Harper, rubber-stamped years ago.

Every MSM outlet in Canada is compromised. They ALL take government bailouts and taxpayer subsidies. They are all compromised to serve at the altar of their political relationships that provide their funding.

That’s why MSM outlets in Canada aren’t reporting on Bill C-18 and Bill C-11. They stand to make billions from big tech just for existing. That’s a bribe from the Trudeau government. Still, Pierre won’t talk about it outside of his free speech bullshit in C-11 because it would crush Rebel News, True North, and any other fake conservative propaganda outlet that Conservatives use to fuck over Canadians.

He Cherry-picked the CBC because he knew he’d get some press by begging the world’s richest man for help by feeding the “don’t trust MSM” narrative because it’s easy to hate the CBC’s big government-funded budgets as a crown corporation. He’s not serious because he knows his friends at the Toronto Sun/National Post/Globe and Mail are all government funded, but he failed to mention them because he’s a duplicitous little fucker who exists to farm bullshit by the hectare.

You’ll never get any semblance of the truth from the little ferret. Just a version of it that is meant to make Old Stack Canadians angry enough to hurt their neighbors.

Oh, and the foreign interference bit plays here. Anyone who supports Peepee is no friend of Canada. They’re traitorous theocratic shits, playing a game with our national security and sovereignty by begging the world’s richest/fascist crypto bro for help.

Pierre has no respect for Canada. He’s the worst of us and THE representation of what Canadians are not.

The same could be said for politics in general. We’re better than all of this shit.

Fucking Beggars.







Dean Blundell

Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

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