Hide Your Alcoholism With This Amazing Product

Joe Williamson Apr 1, 2022

One of the things I do almost every day is check what the trending deals are on Amazon. I can’t help it. I’ve found a few deals over the years that justifies me taking a break from doom scrolling to take a quick look and today I found a beauty. Allow me to introduce you to the “4 Pack Beer Can Covers Silicone Sleeve Hide a Beer to Look Like Soft Drink Soda, Suitable 12FL OZ 355ml Aluminum Can, Perfect for Home Party, Outdoors Events, Beach, Park, Travel, Picnic”

With quality knock-off branding like “Sprito, Dr. Popper, Popsi & Coco-Cola” you’ll be able to hide your drinking problem like a boss. BUT WAIT! There’s more! The product has recommentdations as to when and where you’ll be able to use this marvel of modern marketing.

“Pretend your beer as soft drink keep you away from wife’s complain” is a slogan written by and for alcoholics.

Or put on your hipsterest outfit and drink on a park bench. Sneak it past the old guy who rips tickets and enjoy your beer at a movie like a MAN! Maybe your friends or family think you’ve got a problem, hide it from them too!

What I will say is if you feel the need to hide your drinking, maybe the price of silicone beer sleeves isn’t the problem you should try addressing.

Finally, it’s worth saying we have no partnership or deal with Amazon on this. This is just a riduclous product with ridiculous marketing that I felt I should share with the world.

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Joe Williamson

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