Milton Votes Tory, So We All Get the Highway 413

May 7, 2024
Well, the Milton By-Election has come and gone. The people of Milton handily supported Zee Hamid and the Ontario PC’s to represent them in the Ontario Legislature until the next general election. During the by-election, Doug Ford gave special attention to the riding. In the last week of the campaign, Doug Ford made a point to reiterate that the controversial Highway 413 construction would begin in 2025. The proposed highway would connect Milton to King City bridging the 401 and 400 highways. Doug Ford says it will alleviate traffic congestion in the 905, while critics of the proposed highway say it will save a mere 30 seconds of travel time, at the cost of invaluable farmland and an unknown price tag, estimated in the billions. With the by-election victory in Milton, Doug Ford is taking this as a sign of permission from the electorate to move ahead on this project. But is that what we all want? How much did this announcement play into winning Milton? What were the factors that led to the Tories keeping Milton? To answer those and a few other questions we have, we reached out to a friend of the podcast Laura Steiner to join us. Laura covered the Milton By-election for the Milton Reporter and today she joins us to discuss whether or not Highway 413 is wanted in Milton, how exactly the Tories won the Milton By-Election, and how they got a long-time Liberal supporter like Zee Hamid to carry their banner into the next general election. Our Episode with Sabrina Nanji of The QP Observer:
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Joel MacLeod

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