My Crush, Padma Lakshmi, Graces The SI Swimsuit Issue At 52

May 6, 2023

Full disclosure: I’m a HUGE Padma Lakshmi fan. HUGE. I have a major crush on the master chef/Taste of America host, and have for some time.

The arm scar, her business acumen, her activism, watching her cook — Padma is the one crush I’ve had that would bring me out of relationship retirement, seeing Padma grace the pages of a magazine that’s been a must-read in the Blundell house for 35 years.

It’s like Gretzky returning at age 60 or Joe Carter taking one more AB. Padma Lakshmi is the low-key Marilyn Monroe, IMO. I’m in LOOOOOOOVVE.


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A post shared by Padma Lakshmi (@padmalakshmi)

I don’t care how you look; doing this at any age takes courage. Doing it at 52 is heroic.

Padma used to hide the arm scar (family car accident in her teens), but she’s leading with it now because she’s 52 and doesn’t give a fuck. Middle age does that to a person, and there’s nothing hotter than a woman comfortable in her own skin. 

And she’s a master chef. OOOOOHHH. I’m in LOVE, and I don’t care who knows.

Padma is a unicorn.

  • She’s older than I am (cougar).
  • She’s body positive.
  • She cooks anything and loves to do it.
  • She’s smart.
  • She’s an activist.
  • She makes her own money.
  • She wasn’t sure who the father of her daughter was and didn’t give a shit (It turns out it was Michael Dell’s daughter).
  • She cooks.
  • Wears pajamas all day.
  • Seems to look happy and is probably good at communicating.
  • Likes white guys.

Sold. I don’t stand a chance, but in my mind, Padma and I are married, and we’re hosting people for dinner tonight. She’s cooking, and I’m cleaning up after her while we listen to Oscar Robertson. We also have a small lap dog sitting in the corner and a Prius in the garage, and she can’t keep her hands off my old, gooey ass.

I’m sure it’s a dream of hers too. I mean, who doesn’t want ALL of this?

Hot. I know. I think it’s going to happen.






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