Nerds Rejoice! The DC Swimsuit Edition Has Been Announced!

Joe Williamson May 25, 2023

Sports Illustrated can keep Martha Stewart as their cover girl, this summer I’ll be gawking at some fictional women. That’s right, the DC Swimsuit Edition will be bringing the heat this summer!

Titled G’nort’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, the comic will feature 48 pages of art that shows some of DC’s most beloved and popular characters enjoying the summer in their swimwear. It will have a main cover by Vasco Georgiev, open-to-order cardstock variant covers by J. Scott Campbell and Adam Hughes, as well as a 1:25 variant cover by Pablo Villalobos. G’nort’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is set to release in local comic book stores on August 23 and elsewhere on August 29.

Not sure what a G’nort is? Neither was I but Wikipedia tells me that,

G’nort is from the planet G’newt. Hal Jordan explains that G’nort became a Green Lantern due to the influence of his uncle, who was a famous member of the Lantern Corps. Despite his obviously limited intelligence (not intelligent enough to read a map) and profoundly lacking tactical judgment, the character is consistently depicted as brave, loyal, and honorable. This fact is overlooked by most heroes, although Superman has pointed it out on occasion.

  1. So it seems like we have the Green Lantern Dog to thank for this year’s collection of Superheroes enjoying the sun. He’s very much a good dog!


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