Pierre Poilievre: The Triple, Triple, Triple Million Dollar Man

Jason Pugh Aug 9, 2023

They can rebuild him. They have the technology—a girdle, a camera and iMovie.

Then, BAM. PP 2.0 is born.

That’s right.

So desperate to erase 20 years of Pierre Poilievre’s abrasiveness, the Conservative Party of Canada, in an admission of how unlikeable their leader, Pierre Poilievre, truly is, is planning to spend ONE MILLION a month for the next three months on an ad blitz.

I posted this tweet the other day, which seemed to have struck a cord:

This is after conservatives and homophobes around the planet lost their minds over that “Team Barbie” pic Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took with his eldest son, Xavier. Saying that the Prime Minister was using his son as a “prop.”

Woke Film ‘Barbie’ Breaks One Billion at the Box Office and the Brains of Bigots Worldwide. So they lashed out at Trudeau.

Poilievre’s children are featured in the ad, but I didn’t want to use a screenshot of them for my tweet.

However, the hypocrisy was my point.

Cons and their minions, of course, are having a field day with it:

Yeah. Sure. If Canadians fall for this fake $3 Million funded version of Poilievre and completely forget the last 20 years that means he WILL be the next Prime Minister.

Forget about moments like this. Pretend like it never even happened!

How 1984 of you all.

Poilievre chooses fabrications over facts

As many have pointed out it looks like it’s also a dig against the PM after he and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau announced they were separating. Looks like it was shot in a couple of hours what with the one suite PP wears throughout. An ‘anonymous’ person from the CPC said this ad campaign was planned well in advance. I don’t know…looks like a rush job to me.

I guess they needed to get something out, and fast after the reaction PP got at Toronto’s Caribana:

In the ad Anaida talks about Pierre’s childhood. How his father remembers him as the kid he took to early morning hockey games.

She fails to mention that he would grow up to be a son that would put his political ambitions over his father’s right to get married. Poilievre voted against same-sex marriage while, apparently, his father was in attendance at the House of Commons:

In his victory speech, Mr. Poilievre also openly referred to his father, Don, and his partner Ross – a not-so-subtle reference to the fact his adoptive father is openly gay. It’s an intriguing biographical detail, given that Mr. Poilievre opposed the same-sex marriage legislation introduced by Paul Martin’s Liberal government in the mid-2000s when he was a first-term MP.

What a sweet boy!

Why are they doing this now? The polls say PP and the Cons are way ahead of the Liberals at the moment.

I think G.T. Lem is right:

The bottom line is Cons wouldn’t have to spend $3 MILLION shooting staged videos to make Pierre Poilievre APPEAR likeable and relatable if he was, you know, ACTUALLY likeable and relatable.


Jason Pugh

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