Woke Film ‘Barbie’ Breaks One Billion at the Box Office and the Brains of Bigots Worldwide. So they lashed out at Trudeau.

Jason Pugh Aug 8, 2023

All the emotionally stunted homophobic man-babies worldwide mentally broke down because Barbie broke $1 Billion at the box office while being woke.

They just can’t handle it! After all, they’ve spent the last few years screaming, “Go woke, go broke!” about films and TV shows (Or anything that offends their sensitive sensibilities). Most of which were made for younger audiences.

But then female director Greta Gerwig’s Barbie was released and surpassed $1 Billion after just 17 days! Blowing their Trumpy Liddle’ bumper sticker talking point out of the water.

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has officially surpassed the $1 billion mark at the global box office

Since they couldn’t comprehend that the stupid propaganda they fell for and based their entire personalities on, being anti-woke, doesn’t align with the reality before them, they needed something to lash out at.

They’re the angry bullies of the internet, and they were looking to give someone a wet willy.

Then Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted THE photo.

A picture posted to social media SO offensive all the big burly tough anti-woke manly men around the globe gasped and clutched their pearls in unison.

What an embarrassment! How dare he! He…HE’S WEARING PINK!

Then they all collapsed onto their fainting couches.

For the one person who hasn’t seen it yet:

Everyone under the sun has written about the photo that Justin Trudeau took with his son going to see the Barbie movie saying “We’re team Barbie.”

Piers Morgan reminded us how glad we are that he isn’t Canadian.

The Internet’s Viva Frei went after people defending the PM so he could try to process his emotions.

Pierre Poilievre’s hero and pal, Dr. Jordan B Peterson, said, “It’s hard to believe That he’s real” – That’s right. The pic was so offensive to Mr. Free Speech that he started questioning reality itself.

Over at the absolute bottom of the internet, Splapinsky wrote a whole article about the etymology of the word “projection” – I think. I dunno. I blocked that guy a while ago.

The point is that the pic posted by the Prime Minister would go viral no matter what. You’ll remember that his buying donuts made INTERNATIONAL NEWS.

Trudeau “Scandal” Number Four: Oh! The Stupidity of it all!

However, I think this went EXTRA viral because all the homophobic man babies needed to vent their frustration over Barbie being SO woke and SO not broke.


Jason Pugh

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