Saudi Arabian Club Al Hilal Offered Mbappe A $775 MILLION Contract For One Year

Jul 24, 2023

You read the correctly. $775 million for 1 year.

Absolute insanity. Reports are coming out that Mbappe is not interested. HOW THE HELL COULD YOU NOT BE INTERESTED? I get it, he’s one of the best football players on the planet and will get his money but he’s 24 years old. He can head to Al Hilal for 1 season and collect the bag and return to Real Madrid when he is 25 and continue his career. The breakdown of his contract is even more insane.

PSG is set to make $300 million as a record-breaking transfer fee. Obviously, PSG wants to accept the transfer. Now you just gotta convince him that $775 of blood money is worth it.

Soccer money is insane.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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