WATCH: Canadian media finally takes the gloves off and isn’t letting Pierre Poilievre get away with acting like a petulant bully!

Jason Pugh Feb 12, 2024

Pierre Poilievre just held a press conference on the ArriveCan App.

Here’s a clip of his speech:

After his speech, where he managed to say “Justin Trudeau” at least twice per sentence, he took questions from the media.

For the first question, he was asked about his party’s decision to grant 100 Million dollars in regulatory relief to the mainstream media.

He immediately went on the attack:

“You’re a tax funded mouthpiece to the PMO. That’s the reality.”

“You’re interrupting me again!”
“I’m trying to, but you’re heckling.”

RF (@dipbrat70) just posted this:

Then he was asked about saying there was corruption in developing the ArriveCan App:

“She does not use the word corruption, but you have used that word.”

Pierre defends saying there was corruption and, once again, gets into an argument with the reporter.
“If there was actual corruption, then why didn’t the auditor general say so?”

Pierre ignores the question and moves on.

Next up, he was asked how he’s going to have government do their own IT work when he’s planning on cuts:

Of course, he has to follow his media training and twist things around by claiming that they will be able to do so BECAUSE they’re getting rid of consultants.

He lied about the couple of guys who “for a joke” recreated the ArriveCan App when they just made a clone of the app.

Read more here:
“We of course can build a cloned version of the ArriveCAN app extremely quickly and cheaply because we have the blueprint right infront of us, but we need to have some empathy for all of the pieces outside of purely building the app and experience. $54 million of empathy is unlikely though,” he continued.

Then, there was his fifth and final question.

Of course, his staffer protected him and yelled “Thank you so much” at the media to end any further questions.

After the disaster that was his scrum the other day, I doubt he’ll be taking any questions without his staff there to protect him.

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It’s nice to see Canadian media ACTUALLY pushing back against Pierre Poilievre.

He’s had a free ride for long enough.


Jason Pugh

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