Watching the Texas mass shooting video is disturbing, but necessary

May 9, 2023

America has a tough time looking at itself.

A few days ago, another mass shooting, this time in Texas, left eight people dead as a gunman opened fire with an AR-15 outside a shopping complex.

Of the eight people dead, three of them are children.

After the shooting, a video on social media began making the rounds, sparking a debate about what images are too much for public consumption. You are not alone if you feel like that debate isn’t as important as debating the cycle of violence gun culture produces in America.

But having that debate is in itself seen as weakness among America’s gun living public.

The video is dash cam footage. It shows a silver car stopping near the front entrance of the mall and the shooter calmly exiting his vehicle before opening fire on innocent people. One shot after another rang out, and by the time he was done eight people were dead on the pavement.

The National Rifle Association wasted little time before re-establishing itself as an organization of sociopaths by tweeting a self-congratulatory statement about how the NRA is really good at teaching people how to use guns.

The tone-deafness of the NRA can not be overstated, but it is also intentional. The NRA raises money every time a new mass shooting occurs, taking advantage of the polarized populace and feeding gun lovers their red meat as they continue to occupy the illogical position that more guns in America will save lives.

This proposition – that the country with the most guns and most gun homicides needs even more guns – is enabled by conservative media and elected officials who are recipients of NRA donations.

Unfortunately for Americans, their 2nd Amendment all but ensures future mass shootings. Gun culture is woven into the fabric of America itself, and nothing short of repealing the 2nd amendment could ever solve this problem. It would also likely usher in a new civil war.

Every time a new mass shooting takes place, the debate on guns goes through its usual cycle. But solutions are never unearthed. Instead, the posturing leaves Americans frustrated, angry, and divided.

And while nobody wants to see a video of a mass shooting, perhaps the tough medicine of watching the end result of endless gun lobbying will eventually sway enough Americans to start demanding an end to the worst aspect of its society.

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