VIDEO: ALL Of Puff Daddy’s Homes Raided In Massive Sex Trafficking Sting And He’s On The Run!

Mar 25, 2024

According to EVERY NEWS OUTLET IN THE WORLD, P Diddy (LOL) had his Miami, NY, and LA homes raided by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, and he’s officially on the run!!

Police raided his homes and arrested his kids while Diddy slipped out the back door, hopped his private Jet in Van Nuys, and took off for Antigua/Barbuda, landing at some remote airport.

Solid Dad moves, leaving his kids behind to face 200 Homeland Agents with machine guns and search warrants at 9 am.

From what we understand, Diddy’s goose is cooked, and it’s a matter of time before he gets hauled back to the US to face DOZENS of sex trafficking, assault, rape, confinement, and money laundering charges, to name a few.

This whole thing started a few months ago when a woman and his producer protege filed sex trafficking/rape/assault lawsuits, and the decades-old rumors and Kat Williams’s allegations began to make sense.

These Jeffrey Epstein Like Allegations Against P Diddy (And Cuba Gooding Jr) Are INSANE – And VERY Real

A couple of things worth noting:

  1. Hundreds of Homeland Security Agents don’t descend on all your properties nationwide with search/arrest warrants “on a hunch.”  There has to be some irrefutable evidence of sex trafficking, drug running, rape, etc. for this kind of scene
  2. Antigua/Barbuda has an extradition treaty with the US, so Puffy (LOL) WILL be arrested soon. The word is “tomorrow.”
  3. There’s WAY more smoke than sex trafficking, drug running, and money laundering. SEVERAL people associated with Bad Boy records have died, dating back to Tupac and Biggie to his ex, Kim Porter, who was ready to sing before she died of “Pneumonia.”
  4. Puffy bailed on his family in LA, including his kids, who were home for the raid, so I’m sure they’re all super pleased with him.
  5. He’s guilty AF, and R. Kelly is getting a new cellmate

CRAZY shit. I feel like this is what the Epstein case should have looked like. Too bad he was white.


Dean Blundell

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