Dear Bills Mafia, The Patriots Don’t Matter. Try Punching up For a Change

Dec 2, 2022

Dear Bills Mafia,

Let me start by congratulating you on being a good team and having a freak for a quarterback. Even as a New England Patriots fan, I’m happy that all the die-hard Bills fans who suffered through the drought and stayed loyal deserve this. That being said, I want to give you some advice on what it means to be a good team in the NFL.

For twenty years or so, the Patriots owned the AFC East, and the Bills were celebrated for not coming dead last. From what I understand, Buffalo fans hated New England, and that was one of the games circled on the calendar. That’s totally understandable, Tom Brady made your life hell, and the Bills Mafia held on to false hope that they had a chance to beat the Patriots. I want to tell you a little secret, Patriots fans didn’t think about Buffalo for a second.

The Bills were peasants in the NFL pecking order, and we had way bigger fish to fry. The Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Baltimore Ravens were our problem. We also hated the New York Giants; I don’t have to explain why. – Anyways, we couldn’t care less about what was happening in Buffalo. If there was a rivalry, it was a one-way rivalry because why the hell would we want to spar with losers?

That was then. This is now. In 2022, the Buffalo Bills are considered one of the best teams in the NFL and Josh Allen is one of the top two quarterbacks in the league, depending on who you talk to. The New England Patriots, on the other hand, suck. Mac Jones took a step back; the coaching staff is pathetic, the offensive line is putrid, and I predicted New England would win between 6-8 games before the season started. So, why is my Twitter timeline filled with Bills fans talking shit about the Patriots all the time? Why is the Bills Mafia punching down? You should worry about beating Kansas City in the postseason and less about the fourth-place team in the AFC East.

I’m not saying this because I’m bitter or trying to rain on your parade. I’m saying this because, as a fan, I was in your position for a long time (minus never seeing my team win a Super Bowl). As a former winner, you look pathetic. I watch Bills fans kissing the Chiefs’ asses and giving each other mutual admiration while you punch at the Patriots. Chiefs fans don’t even talk shit about New England anymore because the Patriots don’t matter. – I always told Pats Nation, let all the haters talk smack; it’s a problem when they stop talking about us. Guess what? Everybody has stopped talking about us. Everybody except Bills Mafia.

Buffalo, I really am happy for you. I’m from Toronto and have been surrounded by the Bills Mafia my entire life. I watched your pain. I understand you’ve been hurt. However, the New England Patriots have toppled down the mountain. Pats Nation is in the sewer, trying to climb back into the light. You don’t have to worry about the team we cheer for or us. Punch up, not down.

At the end of the day, if Buffalo gets bounced by Kansas City again in the postseason, what have you accomplished? What did you earn that New England didn’t? Trust me, AFC East Championships get boring. Worry about threats, not punching bags.

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