Exploring Potential New GM Candidates for the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2023

May 21, 2023

With the recent departure of Kyle Dubas as the general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the organization finds itself in need of a new leader to guide the team to success. Several intriguing candidates have emerged, each bringing unique strengths and experiences to the table. Let’s explore some potential GM candidates for the Maple Leafs.

Marc Bergevin

Having recently parted ways with the Montreal Canadiens, Marc Bergevin brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record as a general manager. His ability to build competitive rosters, coupled with his astute player evaluation and development, could make him an ideal candidate for the Leafs.

Mathieu Darche

Mathieu Darche, currently serving as the Vice President of Hockey Operations with the Tampa Bay Lightning, possesses a strong analytical mind and a deep understanding of the game. His background as a player agent and his expertise in contract negotiations could bring a fresh perspective to the Leafs’ front office.

Kris Draper

As the Director of Amateur Scouting for the Detroit Red Wings, Kris Draper has demonstrated his talent evaluation skills and an eye for developing young talent. Draper’s experience in both playing and management roles could prove invaluable in rejuvenating the Maple Leafs’ roster.

Brandon Pridham

Brandon Pridham is already a part of the organization, currently serving as the Assistant General Manager and Vice President of Hockey Operations for the Maple Leafs. His familiarity with the team’s current roster and salary cap management could make him a strong internal candidate for the GM position.

Steve Staios

Steve Staios, the President and General Manager of the Hamilton Bulldogs of the OHL, has shown a knack for team-building and player development at the junior level. His commitment to building a winning culture and nurturing young talent could align well with the Maple Leafs’ goals.

Brad Treliving

As the general manager of the Calgary Flames, Brad Treliving has experience leading an NHL team through both successes and challenges. Known for his ability to make shrewd trades and construct competitive rosters, Treliving could bring a fresh perspective and a winning mentality to Toronto.

Stan Bowman

Editors Note: Stan Bowman is still not allowed to be an NHL GM because of his involvement in the Kyle Beach cover up. He still gets a nod because his name has been brought up in conversations around the NHL and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Stan Bowman is a seasoned executive with a proven track record in the NHL, making him a strong candidate for the general manager position with the Toronto Maple Leafs. His extensive experience, strategic vision, and ability to build championship teams would be valuable assets to an organization that has long pursued success. His ability to construct championship teams, evaluate talent, manage the salary cap, and maintain a long-term vision would be assets that the Maple Leafs could benefit from. With Bowman at the helm, the Leafs would have a leader capable of guiding the team to sustained success and potentially ending their championship drought.

While the search for a new general manager for the Toronto Maple Leafs is ongoing, there are several promising candidates who could potentially fill the void left by Kyle Dubas. Each candidate brings a unique set of skills and experiences that could help propel the team to championship success. The Maple Leafs’ front office will undoubtedly prioritize finding a leader who can strike a balance between developing young talent, making smart roster decisions, and fostering a winning culture.

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