It’s Official Taylor Swift Hates Canada

Jun 20, 2023

Taylor wasn’t lying when she said in her smash hit Anti-Hero ‘ It’s me, hi, I’m the problem it’s me’. Thanks to you Taylor I came home to a VERY annoyed wife today.

Taylor did the UNTHINKABLE to Canadian fans everywhere when she released her international tour dates and Canada did not make the cut.

Canadian Swifties are melting down and it isn’t pretty…

T-Swizzle is so much of a mega superstar her army fanbase got ‘Where Is Canada” and “Cries In Canadian” trending all day.

I took a quick rip through the hashtags and what’s really funny is seeing angry crazy Canadians going into the hashtag thinking it’s going to be about Justin Trudeau and PeePee but then finding out it’s a bunch of women sad about a pop tour.

Now that’s a meltdown. Fart in our Oxygen lool.

It is a massive snub and the meltdowns online are warranted.

I have faith in Taylor. She hasn’t let us down yet. She will come to Canada and it will be glorious and its own massive event and she’ll do 5 shows at each venue.

Have faith Swifties, in Taylor we trust.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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