Jays Pitcher Anthony Bass Shares His Anti-LGTBQ Views On His IG Story. Is It Time To Move On From Him?

May 29, 2023

Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher Anthony Bass has recently garnered attention for his involvement in a prolonged popcorn-related dispute and associations with individuals aligned with far-right ideologies, overshadowing his contributions on the pitching mound. Once again, he has managed to provoke a segment of the fanbase by sharing a video on social media endorsing a boycott of Target and Bud Light, both of which have been embroiled in controversies.

Bass utilized his Instagram story to share content sourced from the account “dudewithgoodnews.” The video promoted a boycott of Target and Bud Light, citing their support for LGBTQ rights as the reason behind the call for a boycott. This endorsement has further fueled the dissatisfaction among certain fans.

We are curious on how Bass will handle his feelings when the always inclusive Toronto Blue Jays celebrate the launch of Pride Month in less than two weeks.

We will see if the Blue Jays take action and release Anthony Bass. Toronto has always been inclusive so it will be very interesting to see how the Jays handle this unexpected controversy.

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