Mercyhurst Released “Pathetic” Statement, Addressing Carson Briere Incident

Ray Rauth Mar 16, 2023

Earlier this week a video of Mercyhurst University hockey player and son of Philadelphia Flyers general manager Daniel Briere – Carson Briere was seen pushing a wheelchair down a flight of stairs. 

Daniel and Carson both released a statement about the incident. 

Mercyhurst released a statement on the incident, and I asked Twitter what they thought of the response. The answer; people thought it was pathetic. 

My Take – It Wasn’t Great 

When I read the statement, it felt like they released it  because they had to. I also thought they just fell short of “boys will be boys”. I’m totally fine with learning experiences and second chances, but this was already Carson’s second chance. He was booted off Arizona State University hockey team for violations of team rules. 

Since the statement was released, Briere has been suspended from team activities and the police have launched an investigation.

Also, I’m not one to do this. But, I was on this story before any major news outlet would touch this. I searched for details of this story the night I released my article, there was no “notable” reporter writing, tweeting, or talking about this story. Now, there are 1000’s of articles. Make Crier Media your go to spot for news that matters.  

Ray Rauth

Writer, Podcaster, & Sports Director for the Dean Blundell Network. "You probably know more about sports than I do. Life's not fair, get over it."

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