Oakland A’s Star Wars drone show was epic. Is this the end for fireworks?

Nick Reid Sep 8, 2021

A couple of weeks ago the Oakland Athletics, who were victims in the best Blue Jays game of the half-decade on Friday, held their annual Star Wars Night. Now I’ll be the first to tell you I am not a Star Wars guy. Haven’t seen any of the films or anything. With that being said, the A’s concluded their Star Wars-themed evening in the most epic way possible: with a post-game drone show.


First ever MLB drone show! #MLB #StarWars #oaklandathletics #Yankees #baseball

♬ Star Wars – The Imperial March Theme – Geek Music

I can only imagine how epic this would be for Star Wars fans, or drone fans if those exist. I don’t even know how something so elaborate involving this many drones would even work, but this is just phenomenal. Seeing them form the baseball and then have it rotate in the sky, or R2D2 moving around is incredible. It’s crazy to me that they could get this many drones all coordinated with each other, let alone IN THE DARK. I can hardly move around my bedroom with the lights off without the corner of my bed taking a chunk out of my flesh.

Who’s controlling all of these individual drones? Do the A’s have a hundred nerds flying each one of these separately? How do you know when to change colour? This is just a concept that’s too big for my brain to handle. It’s wild that something of this magnitude can be pulled off and I’m glad it did cause it looks so damn cool. This was apparently the first-ever drone show at a Major League Baseball game, and I can’t imagine this being the last.

Watching this video over and over again makes me wonder, are fireworks on the hot seat? I’ve seen some impressive firework shows in my day, but none as epic as this Star Wars drone show. The fact that technology has allowed us to pull this off leads me to believe that we’re gonna be seeing more of these drone shows at events in the future and fewer firework shows. Whether it’s at a ballgame or Disney World, these drones seem to be able to pull off anything they want. Besides, fireworks are terrible for the environment, they’re dangerous to use, and they piss off a ton of pet owners. On top of all that, I just think that I’ve gotten to the point where I find firework shows are just straight-up boring. Give me a drone show that can have way more stuff going on rather than the same fouralex types of fireworks blowing up in the sky. I’m all in on drone shows.


Nick Reid

Blue Jays Contributor for DeanBlundell.com. Sport Management student at Brock University. Have seen a game at all 30 Major League ballparks. Would rather be eating poutine at the Rogers Centre.

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