Hockey Dummies Jan 2, 2021

Covid sucks. Anyone else? Bueller? Bueller? Fry? In a world where you’re not supposed to gather with friends, family and loved ones, a game returns to our lives. A game, which is more than just a game. In some people’s lives, hockey is a fraction of who they are as people.

Waking up to watch the morning highlights with your cup of coffee. Following the stats each day to ensure you beat your buddies in your fantasy hockey league. Organizing road trips with friends to watch your favourite team in another city or having the boys over for a few too many on a Saturday night to watch the game. These are things that have been taken from us, but on January 13, 2021, the NHL returns. A return that is long overdue and I’m grateful for. Grateful because it’s not just a game, but grateful because that fraction of who I am is full again.

Thank you Hockey. Thank you for making me one fraction whole again.

Fuck you covid. Eat shit.

Hockey Dummies

Established in 2018, The Hockey Dummies Podcast has garnered a small cult following throughout social media and in spite of offending thousands along the way, their download numbers continue to grow. Hosted by Canadian funny guys, Pats and TML, the boys bring their loud mouth hockey hot takes to your ear buds, are always game to interact on social media and don’t offend easy. #bringit

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