Video: The Guy Who Threw Somebody’s Wheelchair Down A Set of Stairs Has Been Identified as the Son of Flyers GM

Ray Rauth Mar 14, 2023

A video has surfaced on Twitter of a couple of guys throwing a wheelchair down a steep flight of stairs. People have identified one of the culprits, claiming it’s the son of Philadelphia Flyers general manager Daniel Briere.

In my past role as one of the sports guys on Crier Media, I was accused of waging war against hockey players. That’s not true. I have zero reasons to go after you if you’re a good person. It just happens that a lot of hockey dudes are douchebags. Throwing somebody’s wheelchair down a flight of stairs is a douchebag move. Am I supposed to pretend Carson isn’t a hockey player for Mercyhurst University?  

I want to say that this type of behavior shocks me, but it doesn’t. It’s impossible to ignore the frat boy entitlement many high-level hockey players carry. Just their use of the word “bud” is annoying AF. But please, explain to me how boys will be boys. 

Ray Rauth

Writer, Podcaster, & Sports Director for the Dean Blundell Network. "You probably know more about sports than I do. Life's not fair, get over it."

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