WATCH: The Latest Conservative Faux-Rage “Scandal” That’s Desperate and Based On A Lie – A REAL Twofer!

Jason Pugh Jan 26, 2024

Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives are at it again.

Desperate to have a “faux-rage scandal du jour,” they decided to, SHOCK!, take something the Prime Minister said out of context so they can make BS accusations against him.

For those of you who aren’t in the know, the Liberals are having a minister’s retreat.

It’s a thing that all parties do, but that didn’t stop Pierre Poilievre from trying to make political hay out of it by being his usual childish self:

“But he’s in a retreat today! In more than one way. Yes, there’s the expensive retreat that Liberal ministers were coming together to pat themselves on the back and spend your money on luxury for themselves.”

(Says the guy campaigning in Vancouver on our dime, whose house is in Ottawa, just a half-hour drive from the taxpayer-funded mansion he currently lives in.)

As for the whole pizza oven BS, you can read about it here:

Just another lie from the Cons so they can keep farming that rage!

Then there’s also the lie about the Prime Minister’s vacation costing us taxpayers EIGHTY-FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Holy moly, that’s a lot of dough…and, of course, bullshit.

That’s how much the stay at the Prime Minister’s friend’s property would cost if you or I went. However, the property owner, who is life-long friends with the Prime Minister and who can let whomever the hell they want to stay on their damn property, didn’t charge anything.

Conservatives are, once again, losing (or at least pretending to) their minds over another cooked-up “scandal.”

So, anyway. Back to today’s BS from the CPC.

The Prime Minister gave a speech at the party’s retreat, and, as they always do, the Cons tried to steal all the attention by dropping another bullshit rage-farming bomb.

Federal Conservative candidate for Durham, Jamil Jivani, who is a former Sun columnist, posted this video:

This is how the Toronto Sun reported it:

“CAUGHT” on camera? That makes it sound like the Prime Minister didn’t know he was standing in front of cameras, microphones, and his cabinet ministers giving a live speech broadcast on TV. No, no. He was CAUGHT!

Here’s the full speech (caught on video and uploaded to the Liberals YT channel. I wonder if they’re aware?):

Mr. Jivani claims he doesn’t know what the PM meant when he said “twofer,” which is an outright lie.

Jaro posted a video showing what the PM actually said:

Here are some responses:

They are flooding the zone with shit.

Yeah, Pierre Poilievre had someone violently thrown out of a rally, and nobody said a thing.

Pierre Poilievre smiles as heckler gets violently thrown out of rally

This is why…

Yes. They want to stay in the headlines but I also think they’re desperate to distract from this:

CSIS Investigating Southwestern Ontario Conservative Nomination Vote, Conservative Sources Say

Dean wrote about it here:

CANADA’S Top Spy Agency: The Indian Government Illegally Helped (Name Rhymes With PeePee) Win The CONservative Leadership Race

As for the term “twofer”, Diane Marie posted this:

Desperate to steal the headlines. At any cost. Conservatives don’t care about who they hurt or whom they’re exploiting to score political points.

Just the other day, it was this:

There have been many examples of Conservatives exploiting horrible situations to score cheap political points:

SCANDAL NUMBER FIVE – The one they dropped overnight: Healing lodge transfers

This is the best response to the Cons:

Douglas over at the True North Eager Beaver Podcast issued this apology:

Very brave of you, Douglas!

And I’ll end with G.T. Lem’s tweet:


I have one question, though.

Does being a liar AND a Conservative make one a “twofer,” or does that go hand-in-hand?


Jason Pugh

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