What does Charles Adler “Do?” How “DID” he do it and What “WILL” he do next?

brentonontour Sep 22, 2023

He’s the most respected Broadcaster in the country and has multiple awards (Including an Emmy Award) to prove it! But, What does Charles Adler “DO?”, How “DID” he do it and What “WILL” he do next? On this week’s episode of “The Story of People Podcast” we dive into all three answers!

As host of the Number One rated Podcast “The Charles Adler Show”, we get weekly updates in the world of News and Politics with his amazing wit and spot on analysis. On “Three Minutes that Matter” we get just the facts!

We touch on the current state of the news, is it even possible to meet in the middle anymore and what might be next for all of us!

DO.DID.WILL. “The Story of People Podcast” can be heard weekly on The Crier Media Network, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you get your pods!

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