May 31 - 2022

#039 Track Zach Marshall #3: 10x-ing your company in 4 Months

About the Episode

(2:29) – How clear is the picture of how far you’ve come in the past 4 months?

(3:27) – Recapping Track Zach #2

(10:36) – What are customers buying now and how have the service offerings changed?

(20:06) – Do you know the bootstrapping process of these other industry marketplace products?

(21:49) – How did you arrive at home security audit and family protection as the right first products to offer?

(29:20) – What’s your ultimate revenue goal as it pertains to fundraising?

(38:35) – What do your internal operations look like?

(41:06) – Zach’s experience in Launch New York

(43:32) – Spending too much time on “shiny object” opportunities

(48:55) – Traction and the fundraising process

(57:01) – Entrepreneurship is really hard

(1:06:01) – Is there anything you’ve changed your mind on in the past quarter?

(1:17:06) – Are there other mental models from your time as a SEAL that you apply in business?

(1:20:44) – Feeling high leverage work shift over time

(1:26:22) – How can people listening help Conterra?


The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

The Cold Start Problem by Andrew Chen

NfX Marketplaces

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