Jan 31 - 2024

Bevees -Booze Free Bottle Shop & Beverage Room

Do Did Will

About the Episode

Bevees is the store you didn’t know you were looking for.

It is the only place to sample and buy Greater Vancouver’s largest selection of booze-free beverages.

Soda pop and water are no longer your only options when you want an alcohol-free drink. And gone are the days of non-alcoholic wine that tastes like grape juice, and alcohol-free beer that takes like… well, we are too polite to say, but not good!

In today’s growing booze-free beverage market, any sophisticated sip, cocktail, or creation you can think of is now available booze-free. And you will find a large, lip-smacking selection at Bevees!

Today; ahead of their Grand Opening on Feb 3, 2024, I stopped by to chat about this amazing concept with owner Racquel and we shared a beverage or two as we discussed:

What do they “Do?”

How “Did” they do it?

What “Will” they do next?

For all things Bevees please visit:


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