Jun 2 - 2024

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About the Episode

On Episode 388 of our show, we explore how democracy is playing itself out around the world including the U.K.issues pertaining Inflation, Interest Rates, Israel, and Iran.

Also, we talk about:

* Elections UK: Sunak Calls a Snap

* Shipping Migrants to Rwanda

* Haiti

* William Ruto

* Violence in New Caledonia

* A New Leader in Taiwan

* Elections Mexico: Stage Collapse

* Merge Cells

* Senate Independence 

The Daily Beaver Morning Show is broadcast LIVE (most of the time), weekdays at 7-ish a.m. Eastern. Our take on the news is the purrr-fect thing for The Best #DAMFAM in all podcasting™, Canadians on-the-go who want to stay engaged.

Until next time, be kind to — and gentle with — yourselves,

Your Eager Beaver and Mr. Grizzly


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Until next time, be kind to — and gentle with — yourselves,

Your Eager Beaver and Mr. Grizzly


Not everyone can do everything. But everyone can do something. Because #DemocracyIsSomethingYouDo…

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Cranky Canuck [[email protected]]

Paul Joseph Something [[email protected]]

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